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Welcome to Uncle Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Blog. Learn about our latest offerings and specials here.


4 responses to “Uncle Tony’s Blog

  1. your food is always consistent and great pricing….i even tried your pizza when i saw a coupon for it and love it. I have not seen any more coupons since. do you ever offer them anywhere…I seen them in Pro Jo??

  2. Donald Fleury

    I love your sauce is there anyway I could get some pointers on what you use to make your great tasting suace anything will help I love the sauce and I’ve been eating it for years just the ingredients would help I can try to make it as great as your please help

  3. I am so disappointed about the way I was treated by the manager of your Cranston restaurant that I doubt I will ever eat there again. I called in an order for a chicken parm grinder and specifically requested real chicken and extra cheese. I picked up my order, but when I got it home I discovered that it was a processed chicken patty with no cheese at all. I called the restaurant and spoke with Hector. He asked me if I wanted a new one. I said that since I just paid $11.00 for a sandwich that yes I did. I returned to the restaurant and recieved no apology for the mistake or my inconvenience. Fine. I spoke to the girls at the counter and asked them to make sure the cooks knew what I wanted and repeated that I wanted a chicken parm grinder with real chicken and extra cheese. I was given another sandwich and upon returning home discovered it was exactly what I had been given the first time. I returned to the restaurant and told the girl at the counter that it was wrong AGAIN and told her I wanted a refund. She told the manager what happened and he STILL offered no apology for the mistake or my inconvenience. He didn’t even come to the counter when he had to make change for her. He hid in the pizza area. I worked in a restaurant for many years and I would have been embarassed to have a customer of mine treated like that as well as disappointed in the incompetance of my cooks. I am completely disgusted right now

  4. This is an illegal website. Please visit uncletonys.net for the authorized website for all Uncle tony’s locations

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